How to continue to download database from where it was disrupted

I used the command ‘’'biobakery_workflows_databases --install wmgx --location /biobakery" to download many times, but always failed at the step of downloading kneadData databases:
CRITICAL ERROR: Unable to download and extract from URL:
Unable to install database. Error running command:

Everytime it failed, I have to rerun the command, which means I have to download the huge databases that have been downloaded before the error. How to download the rest databases from where it was disrupted?

Hello @liyangsdu ,
We sometimes experience latency with downloads from our server due to the hosting configuration. We are working to resolve this in the near future. For now, please try again.


Thanks. I tried several times. My downloading is always stopped in the middle with an error “A custom install location was selected. Please set the environment variable $BIOBAKERY_WORKFLOWS_DATABASES to the install location.”

Actually, I set the environmental variable in /root/.bashrc in docker container (export BIOBAKERY_WORKFLOWS_DATABASES=“/this is path”). What’s wrong with this?