Hallagram error with cmap

I am running halla on linux from the docker image online. Halla has run and I now want to run hallagram. I cd to the directory with the halla output and type:
hallagram similarity_table.txt hypotheses_tree.txt associations.txt
I get the following error:
TypeError: ‘cmap’ must be an instance of matplotlib.colors.Colormap or None, not a str
I did not specify the cmap flag. I have seen this error from the help forum back in 2020 and the suggestion was to downgrade matplotlib. I do not know if this is possible from a docker container running the image that you provided. Do you have any other suggestions?

Hi @mediumspiny ,

Thank you for reaching out to biobakery lab and apologies for getting back to you late.
We have just updated the Halla docker version and would suggest you try upgrading as well using the following command:

docker pull biobakery/halla:0.8.20

Please let us know if you still see the same error.