Error in demo code, can-not-find-file-metaphlan-bugs-list?

I meet similar problem with

My code humann -i demo.fastq -o sample_results --threads 100 --nucleotide-database databases/chocophlan/ --protein-database databases/uniref/ --metaphlan-options “/databases/metaphlan/”

CRITICAL ERROR: Can not find file /beegfs/home/wanglu/IBD/multiIBD/sample_results/demo_humann_temp/demo_metaphlan_bugs_list.tsv
I am living in China, so database files stored in dropbox might cause problem, however, I manage to find those files.

Could you kindly suggest how to modify my code?

If you are using the --metaphlan-options flag to pass information to MetaPhlAn then string that follows has to be a valid set of MetaPhlAn options. For example, if you wanted to point MetaPhlAn at a specific database, you’d need to provide the MetaPhlAn flag for that option AND the path to the database.

You can verify that your MetaPhlAn options work as intended by running MetaPhlAn external to HUMAnN first. You can then pass those same options to HUMAnN with the --metaphlan-options flag OR, if you’ve already run MetaPhlAn on all your samples, pass those profiles to HUMAnN with the --taxonomic-profile flag.