Difference between github and bioconductor versions?

It is a little confusing currently where the latest version is located. It looks like Bioconductor says Maaslin2 is version 1.11.0 and Github shows release 1.7.3.

Is there anything that can be done to clear this up?

Adding additional info in the hope someone actually sees this:

The Bioconductor version is missing code that is > 9 months old according to the git blame (example: Maaslin2/R/Maaslin2.R at master · biobakery/Maaslin2 · GitHub) .

This poses a problem when trying to update packages as it claims that Maaslin2 is outdated if you installed the Github repo. This would probably be fixed with simply making a new release on Github with a higher version than v1.10.0