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FUGAsseM (Function predictor of Uncharacterized Gene products by Assessing high-dimensional community data in Microbiomes) is a computational tool based on a “guilt by association” approach to predict functions of novel gene products in the context of microbial communities. It uses machine learning methods to predict functions of microbial proteins by integrating multiple types of community-based data, such as co-expression patterns from metatranscriptomics (MTX), co-localization patterns from metagenomic (MGX) assemblies, homologous-based annotation, domain-based annotations, etc.

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Yancong Zhang, Amrisha Bhosle, Sena Bae, Kelly Eckenrode, Xueying (Sonia) Huang, Jingjing Tang, Danylo Lavrentovich, Lana Awad, Ji Hua, Xochitl C. Morgan, Andy Krueger, Wendy S. Garrett, Eric A. Franzosa*, Curtis Huttenhower*. “Predicting functions of uncharacterized gene products in microbiomes” [in preparation].

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