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Name: BAnOCC
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Description: BAnOCC is a package for analyzing compositional covariance while accounting for the compositional structure. Briefly, the model assumes that the unobserved counts are log-normally distributed and then infers the correlation matrix of the log-basis (see the BAnOCC User Manual for a more detailed explanation). The inference is made using No U-Turn Sampling for Hamiltonian Monte Carlo (Hoffman and Gelman 2014) as implemented in the rstan R package (Stan Development Team 2015).

Schwager, E., Mallick, H., Ventz, S., & Huttenhower, C. (2017). A Bayesian method for detecting pairwise associations in compositional data. PLoS computational biology , 13 (11), e1005852. doi:10.1371/journal.pcbi.1005852