Issue using BAnOCC

Hi, thank you for the wonderful package and tutorial!

I’m having some issue running the BAnOCC, even when using the provided dataset (attached below). I followed the tutorial, however I run into an error during the actual run_banocc step. Could you please help me understand why?

Thank you for your question and apologies for the delayed response we had several people test it out in the lab and were unable to replicate your error. The one thing that we think could be easily tested is if your versions of rstan and coda are compatible with the tool. Can you install the rstan version 2.10.1 and the coda version 0.18.1 and try again? If that does not work, could you provide us some more information?

  1. Which platform are you using? (e.g. Mac, windows…)
  2. What are the versions of R and all of the libraries listed above?

We can then again attempt to replicate the error and find a fix for this issue. Thanks so much for pointing this out to us.

Best, Kelsey