The number of significantly differentially abundant proteins in IBD does not match?

I checked the HMP2_supervised_prioritization.rank.table.tsv file and found that there were 361,109 protein clusters that are significantly different in abundance (MaAsLin2_DA__qvalue <0.05) between dysbiotic and non-dysbiotic samples. This does not match the number (348,973) reported in your paper. Acturally I want to get the prioritized differentially abundant families in the IBD dataset. I think this might be more than 87,000 protein families that are in the top quartile of priority scores, right? Could you help me with this problem or send me the prioritized family IDs directly, please? Many thanks!

Hi there,

For downstream analysis, we got 348,973 families prioritized in IBD by requiring 1) q<0.05, 2) prevalence in compared samples >=10%, and 3) filtering proteins from msp_411 (unclassified MSP, whose abundance was highly corrected with the percentage host reads over samples).

I can send you the prioritized family IDs (attached file).
HMP2_supervised_prioritization.rank.ID_list.tsv (5.0 MB)


Thanks for your reply and help!