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Diagnosis and Extent

Hi, I’m curious about your data.

Refer to the metadata, a participant whose ID is M2008 is diagnosed with CD. However, the Extent (E).1 column says that the patient has Left-sided UC.
Is the metadata wrong? or is there anything I’ve been missing?

Thanks for your help.

Hi @Jaehong_Kim ,

Thank you for pointing out this inconsistency. We are currently trying to fix the bug in the script that is causing these inconsistencies in the metadata file and will update you once the new version of metadata.csv is available.


Hi @sagunmaharjann related to this subject could you please tell me how to find the metadata for these missing datasets from some of the RAW mass spectormetry files? I am attaching the table that I extracted from your metadata file and towards the end the last 180 raws are only sample names where I could not map the metadata for them. I will really appreciate if you can help out with this and tell me how to find the mtadata for those files. I am attaching my table to this comment.

@sagunmaharjann Please find the table here:

Hi @Mossig_Stamboulian,

Apologies for the late reply. I got your email as well on the last 184 samples missing metadata. Also, thank you for providing the list. I am looking into the missing metadata samples and will update you after fixing this inconsistency.


Hi @sagunmaharjann thank you for getting back to me, there are no inconsistencies … the ones that I found the metadata for in the csv file you provide are correctly annotaed, however these last 184 entries simply are missing metadata information. I just want to know the phenotypes for the hosts … i.e. CD UC or non-IBD if you can please provide me with that information for each of those 184 raw files that would be great.