Size and resolution of lefse figures?

How to change/increase the size of the figure and the resolution for either of which?
I used the codes in here you provided: lefse/ at master · SegataLab/lefse · GitHub

can’t find a way to do so, could you please advice?

For the plotting functions, if you run the help option as follows, it will show you the full list of parameters that can be set, including --dpi (to set resolution) and --format (to change to a vector-based format such as .svg or .pdf if desired).
Meg -h -h

I changed the resolution but I found that I have a problem with the dimensions of the figures
as kindly attached
where the first differential expressed feature is not viewed properly

and here the label is over the figure

I think that this will be adjusted by height and width but I am not sure what are the numerical unit, is it in cm or otherwise?