Shortbred_quantify unrecognized arguments error

I am using snakemake to run shortbred and it keeps throwing error saying unused arguments:

usage: [-h] [--version] [--markers STRMARKERS]
                             [--wgs STRWGS [STRWGS ...]] [--genome STRGENOME]
                             [--results STRRESULTS] [--SBhits STRHITS]
                             [--blastout STRBLAST]
                             [--marker_results STRMARKERRESULTS]
                             [--tmp STRTMP] [--search_program STRSEARCHPROG]
                             [--usearch STRUSEARCH] [--tblastn STRTBLASTN]
                             [--makeblastdb STRMAKEBLASTDB]
                             [--prerapsearch2 STRPRERAPPATH]
                             [--rapsearch2 STRRAP2PATH] [--id DID]
                             [--pctlength DALNLENGTH] [--minreadBP IMINREADBP]
                             [--avgreadBP IAVGREADBP] [--maxhits IMAXHITS]
                             [--maxrejects IMAXREJECTS] [--unannotated]
                             [--pctmarker_thresh DPCTMARKERTHRESH]
                             [--pctORFscore_thresh DPCTORFSCORETHRESH] [--EM]
                             [--bayes STRBAYES] [--bz2 FBZ2FILE]
                             [--threads ITHREADS] [--notmarkers STRCENTROIDS]
                             [--cent_match_length IALNCENTROIDS]
                             [--small BSMALL] error: unrecognized arguments:

I am using this shell script. All the arguments looks correct to me. I am not sure what is wrong. I checked all the dependencies and usearch is also executable.

python {input.shortbred_quantify} \
–markers {input.cytolysin_markers}
–wgs {input.reads}
–results {output.results} \
–tmp {output.tmpdir}
–usearch {input.usearch_path}
–makeblastdb {input.makeblastdb_path}
–threads {threads}