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Reordering Columns

Hi All!

New Metaphlan user and fairly new to the Bioinformatics world as a whole. I have run Metaphlan on 60 FastQ files over the past week or so. I then used the merge_metaphlan_tables function to combine the .txt files through a number of steps. I then generated a heat map using However, I would like to change the order of the columns so that my x-axis displays my fly populations in alphabetical order (selection pressure is in this order) so that I may visualize any obvious differences in species abundance. Is there a capability to do so within Metaphlan?

Thanks, and enjoying Metaphlan so far! The tutorial and resources here have allowed a noob like me to work through a lot of data.

Hi Robert,
Glad you enjoyed MetaPhlAn and all the supporting resources!
If you want to keep the same sample order in the resulting heatmap, you can turn off the hierarchical clustering on the samples by using --no_sclustering.