Questions about hclust2 output

Question1: How can I adjust the labeling size of the heatmap legend (the one showing the range of values plotted on the top left corner of the png file). The font is too big causing the numbers to overlap with each other, and with the color legend.
My command is: -i merged_abundance_table.txt -o merged_abundance2.png --f_dist_f braycurtis --s_dist_f braycurtis --cell_aspect_ratio 0.5 -l --ftop 50 --fperc 99 --flabel_size 4 --slabel_size 4 --max_flabel_len 100 --max_slabel_len 100 --minv 0.1 --dpi 300 --max_flabel_len 100 -c ‘Blues’ --colormap ‘Blues’
Question2: Are the abundance values scaled by row in hclust2?

You can adjust the font size using the --colorbar_font_size parameter.

No, scaling is introduced with parameters -l or -s for log-scale and sqrt-scale, respectively.

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