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Query regarding HMP2 Metatranscriptomics raw files

Hello Sir,
I am doing reanalysis of your metatranscriptomics data. In raw metatranscriptomics files which were passed through quality control pipeline using #infrastructure-and-utilities:kneaddata Kneaddata, The output is concatenated and I want to seperate forward read (#0/1)and reverse read(#0/2). I could not understand how to identify some reads as they only had #0 at the end of the read ID.

Also please tell me if my consideration of forward read and reverse read ID is correct or not
Thank you

Hi Pratik,

Yes, you are right about the forward read and reverse read ID. Can you point me out (link) to the raw metatranscriptomics files which have #0 at the end?


Hello Sir,
Thank you for reply, I can tell you one of the sample ID of metatranscriptomics sample, such as CSM7KOUN