No results reported in humann output

Hi so I was able to get this far (please see attached log file). However, my results end up empty. Is there something I am doing wrong? Or is my input datafile not processed correctly? It is a raw file. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

1CB_1-PE-D703-D502-1_S118_R1_001log.txt (3.0 MB)

Hi, Thank you for posting your log. It looks like you are running HUMAnN with the option to bypass the prescreen. The prescreen runs MetaPhlAn and selects the top species by abundance to include this set in a custom database. If you bypass the prescreen the whole ChocoPhlAn database will be used as the database for the nucleotide search. This will take a lot more disk space, time, and memory then running with a subset of pangenomes. Are you possibly seeing your run fail due to disk space or memory? Or maybe your run is taking more time then you would expect to run? It looks like from your log HUMAnN stops running during the nucleotide search step.

Thank you,