No access to online leffse


I have no access to lefse through
is there a problem in the server or is it not available any more.

Thanks so much for the help

I also have been unable to access yesterday and today.

Thank you for letting us know about this, we’re working on a solution as we speak.

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LEfSe should be working again, let me know if you have any continuing issues.

Great, thanks! That was quick :slight_smile:

could you please help me with a question related with the analysis?

I am following a post from a while ago but i can not find it was responded
I have6 categories ( 5 treatments plus a treatment with water). I want all of the 5 treatments to be compared against the water treatment, the control.
Similar to what this post asked , i thought that i could use the one-against-all option by putting as ¨reference¨ the water treatment, but there is no way to chose the reference group. is there anyway around?
For instance, would a all-against-all option be a possible option if i include a class with the 6 treatments and then a subclass with two categories , such as treated vs control? would that compare all the treatments against the control?

Hope i have been able to explain myself…

Many thanks in advance for all the help!