MetaWIBELE Updated Docker/Terra Workflow


Is there a roadmap to include MetaWIBELE as a standard biobakery workflow to run on Terra? Also are there any updates planned on the docker? A lot of the interscanpro basics aren’t even on the docker image.

Hi there,

Thanks for your interest in MetaWIBELE. So far, we haven’t planned to put MetaWIBELE in the biobakery workflow since it’s more complex and heavyweight than most default analyses. Likewise we can’t package it in Docker in a standard way because of the reference database size of interproscan. We could implement it in specialized environments like Terra, but it would still be a bit of a costly lift for cloud environments because of the size of reference data that are involved.


Thanks Yancong,

Are there smaller updates you can push to the docker? For instance having the Java version be 11 for InterScanPro and installing LFTP? That way the image is as optimized as possible before the larger tools get ported over to it.


Hi Kumar,

It’s possible to install more light tools (e.g. Java 11, lftp) in Docker if we have enough room before hitting the size limit for a Docker image. We have added this type of installation to our update list for the next version (v0.4.5) release that will come out soon.