Metatranscriptomics + MelonnPan

Hi all – I am curious as to whether MelonnPan has been tested with metatranscriptomes.If so, what are the recommended changes (if any at all) that should be made to the mtg-based pipeline? Thanks.

Hi @pad - this is a great idea that we mentioned as a potential future direction in our paper but never really tested it ourselves. A recent paper tested the possibility of using metatranscriptomics in existing pipelines but as far as the recommended changes are concerned, I think metatranscriptomics data must be normalized relative to the metagenomics data, as shown by @YancongZhang, @franzosa, and others in a different context. Once properly normalized, I don’t see any issues in using MelonnPan with metatranscriptomics input.

All the best,

Excellent - thank you for your reply.