MetaPhlAn3 error with 2 string number

I use MetaPhlAn3 to analysis metasample of lake and the error are as follows:
21349260 99.79525262077047
just 2 numbers, and I only have the MB3.sam.bz2 file.
the are as follows:
/ldfssz1/ST_META/share/User/tianliu/bioenv/conda/envs/meta_assemble_wdl/bin/python /ldfssz1/ST_META/share/User/tianliu/toolkit/metaphlan3/ /ldfssz1/ST_INFECTION/P17Z10200N0246_Phage_XMF/USER/luoyunzhe/envirmeta/microbiome/MB3/01_fastp/01_fastp/fastp1.fq,/ldfssz1/ST_INFECTION/P17Z10200N0246_Phage_XMF/USER/luoyunzhe/envirmeta/microbiome/MB3/01_fastp/01_fastp/fastp2.fq --input_type fastq --nproc 4 --bowtie2db /ldfssz1/ST_META/share/User/tianliu/bioenv/conda/envs/meta_assemble_wdl/metaphlan3/metaphlan_databases --min_cu_len 2000 --tax_lev a -t rel_ab_w_read_stats -s ./MB3.sam.bz2 --bowtie2out ./MB3.bowtie2.bz2 -o ./MB3.metaphlan2.profile 2>

Could anyone can help me ?

It is possible that no matches against the marker database were found.
Can you try running using --stat_q 0.1 ?

Thank you so much, I have changed a environment of python and got the results.