Metaphlan output estimated reads mapped to known clades

Hi everyone,

I am quite inexperienced in Metaphlan, so I am a bit puzzled about one of the outputs when using the flag -t rel_ab_with_read_stats. Using this flag something called ‘estimated reads mapped to known clades’ is written on top of the output. How is this number calculated and what does it actually mean?

This number is also not the same as the estimated number of reads mapping to clade for k_bacteria, which is 100% in my sample. Could it be that it is the estimated number of reads for bacteria without any classification filters applied?

Hope you could help me out.

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Moelong Yu

Hi @Moellie
Thanks for getting in touch. Could you please repost the same question in the MetaPhlAn subforum: MetaPhlAn - The bioBakery help forum . It will be useful for users having the same questions to have the questions related to MetaPhlAn there. Thanks a lot