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Metabolite Prediction using 16S microbiome data

Hello. We tried to perform the melonnpan-based metabolite prediction on our 16s sequencing raw data and we have come across a few doubts.

  1. Does Melonnpan accept the output from Picrust or from Humann2?
  2. If Melonnpan accepts Picrust output only, then how do we convert the KO gene IDs (produced by Picrust) to their respective Uniref90 IDs (input format of Melonnpan)?
  3. We tried giving our Picrust output to Humann2 to generate Uniref IDs, but Humann2 is only able to produce pathway abundances via a keggc- adducted route.
    How can we bridge this gap in the Picrust (or Humann2) output files and the melonnpan input specifications?