LEfSe for two groups and no subclasses

I am having a hard time understanding how LEfSe works for my data and what are the specific steps being made to reach the final result… my data consists of 13 genera of bacteria found in 24 samples of two types of cheese: cheese from Azeitão and cheese from Nisa. My class (group) variable is then Region (takes the values Azeitão or Nisa). I have 16 samples from Azeitão and 8 samples from Nisa. I have values of the relative abundance of each genus in each of the samples of cheese. I want to find out what are the genus of bacteria that are most abundant in each of the regions by using LEfSe. Is LEfSe using both Kruskal-Wallis and Wilcoxon test if I only have two groups and no subclasses?

Could someone help me understand the steps better?
Kind regards,