KneadData has error in bowtie2_discordant_pairs

Dear Biobakery Team,
kneaddata have something wrong when running the "kneaddata_bowtie2_discordant_pairs ". It works well last October. But there has been a bug recently. I even used the KneadData example file and it is also error.

/home/ywwang/miniconda3/bin/kneaddata --input1 /home/yzhang/workspace/wanglx/test_kneadData/demoR_1.fastq --input2 /home/yzhang/workspace/wanglx/test_kneadData/demoR_2.fastq --reference-db /home/yzhang/workspace/wanglx/test_kneadData/ --output /home/yzhang/workspace/wanglx/test_kneadData/OUTPUT/ --trimmomatic /home/yxtu/software/Trimmomatic-0.38/ --bypass-trf


It seems that many people have faced this question for a long time and have not gotten a good answer. KneadData critical error in bowtie2_discordant_pairs - #6 by auas
Look forward to some reply.