Inputting data into phylophlan_metagenomic

I have a set of assemblies for the genus Bacteroides but when I run phylophlan_metagenomic to create bins for these assemblies I am unable to run it without it crashing and not loading.

The command I am using is

phylophlan_metagenomic \
-i NCBI_Bacteroides_assembly_proteins
–nproc 4
-n 1
-d SGB.Jan19

Is there a way to speed up the process or would reducing the input in the assembly protein folder be the only way to make this process quicker? Thanks in advance

Hi there, and apologies for the late reply.
I’m not sure I got your question right:

phylophlan_metagenomic do not bin assembled contigs but instead assigns the user’s input genomes/MAGs to existing species-level genome bins (SGBs).

Would be helpful in this case to better understand the content of the input folder NCBI_Bacteroides_assembly_proteins and also if you can provide the log/error that phylophlan_metagenomic produces.

Many thanks,