Humann2 input file

Hi friends!!! (@fbeghini @franzosa @f.asnicar )
I have installed MetaPhlAn2 (version 2.96.1) from anaconda. I haven’t installed HUMAnN2 yet. I have already profiled some of my WGS fastq files and got outputs files.
Can I install Humann2 separately and use these output files there? If yes. How?
Or, I must install Humann2 separately with integrated Metaphlan2 and again start with the WGS fastq files?

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It is better to use an earlier MetaPhlAn with HUMAnN 2.0 or use the 3.0 versions of both tools, as described here:

If you already have a taxonomic profile from MetaPhlAn you can pass it to HUMAnN via the --tax-profile flag (i.e. you don’t need to rerun MetaPhlAn as the normal first step of HUMAnN).

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