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HMP shotgun metagenomic data request

From: Wu, Jiqiu <>

I’m a master student in Imperial College London, and my theis is to study the role of CRISPRs in the dynamics of the infants gut microbiota. My results show that CRISPRs increase with bacterial expansion and the spacers alternated a lot. So I hope to study how CRISPRs change in adult gut and if this phenomenon exist in adults as well?

HMP is a treasure trove that can help us understand the impact of microbiome on human health. I read your papers based on HMP contains the temporal shotgun metagenomics data, but the website( does’t show the date of sampling and other metadata, so may I request several metagenomics data if possible?

To protest the privacy of data, I think I should not get the access to the metadata and just clarify my request as clear as possible. The following is request:

1 population: healthy adults

2 gender: 5 male and 5 female

3 file type: wgs assembled seq set

4 race: caucasian

5 visit number: more than 3 times and last about 1 year

These data are really crucial for my thesis to tell a complete story, and I promise I would try my best to make great use of these data!

Looking forward to your reply! Many many thanks!

Best wishes,
Jiqiu Wu
Postgraduate Student, Department of Life Science
Imperial College London
United Kingdom
Phone: (44)0771 946 5253, (86)188 1300 1339

Hi Wu,

You would be able to get the required metadata information from the downloads page ( page and the metadata file in the top left corner of the same page.