HALLA 0.8.20 installation issues

HALLA version 0.8.20
OS opensuse LEAP 15.4
Hi all
having spent the better part of the day installing this package, would like to make the following comments:

  1. conda package installs smoothly but is the legacy version(0.8.17)
  2. The automatic pip install:
    pip install halla --no-binary :all:
    crashed repeatedly. the most troublesome issue was it seems to install an old numpy version; even when i manually installed numpy 1.19 (as required in dependency list), the automatic pip install would overrun it with the older numpy version. Running pip install without dependencies (–no-deps) and then manually installing all dependencies worked.
  3. The requirement for python is 3.7 or higher - importlib-metadata no longer installs with --no-binary on 3.7 , needed 3.8 or higher
  4. the package requires sklearn, which has been deprecated - setting this flag:
    as a workaround worked for me.
    Thanks for an inetersting and useful analysis tool