Getting genus level resolution but not family level

Hi community (@fbeghini ) I am using MetaPhlAn3 and getting some output like:

k__Bacteria|p__Firmicutes|c__Clostridia|o__Clostridiales|f__Clostridiales_unclassified|g__Lawsonibacter 2|1239|186801|186802||2172004 0.46367

Here, we are getting genus level classification “Lawsonibacter”, but the family remains unclassified (same thing happened for many other taxa as well). This is leading to downstream analysis problem. When I tried to load it in STAMP software, it is showing some ERROR and not importing my stamp compatible profile file (.spf file) :

 Error reading profile file
 Child g__Gemella has an unclassified parent.

The same type of profiling problemWhy am I not getting family but getting genus level resolution? Isn’t it strange???


Since this is a STAMP related problem, I’d suggest you to post on their support platform.
Having an intermediate taxonomy clade as unclassified is common, this means that there’s no enough evidence for assigning the genera in this case to a known family.