FTP site user/pass does not work; bulk download gives memory error


I’m trying to access the ftp site (ftp.broadinstitute.org) using the username (public) and password (hmp2_ftp) as in Results | IBDMDB. But it says ‘login incorrect’. Im not able to access the file system.

$ ftp ftp.broadinstitute.org
Connected to ftp.broadinstitute.org (
220 FTP Server ready.
Name (ftp.broadinstitute.org:jgeorge): public
331 Password required for public
530 Login incorrect.
Login failed.
Remote system type is UNIX.
Using binary mode to transfer files.

ftp> ls
421 Login timeout (300 seconds): closing control connection
Passive mode refused.

Also bulk download gives memory error:


‘select’ then ‘bulk download’ gives

Jain Aluvathingal

I also have the same issue with the FTP. Did you find out a solution? Maybe the username or password changed? @jgeorge

Hi, @helder and @jgeorge I am having the same problem accessing data using ftp. Have you figured out how to download data?

Hi @CataRivera, unfortunately not (via FTP).
I ended up downloading directly from https://ibdmdb.org/

Hi @CataRivera and @helder, I also downloaded data from https://ibdmdb.org/. Ftp access still don’t work with the username and password mentioned in IBD website.

@helder and @jgeorge, did the same. Thank you.