Find TRF version within KneadData

Hi. I’m running KneadData version 0.12.0 and I’d like to find out which version of TRF is running within it. I believe it was installed automatically so I don’t know which version I have. I’ve check the TRF website and github and there was an update in 2020 to v4.09.1, so I’d like to know for sure!

I’ve tried running 'kneaddata --trf-options ‘-v’ ’ however I then get the error message from KneadData that it requires input and output files.

I’ve checked the on the KneadData github and that includes a link to ‘’ however that page is no longer active.

Any advice on how to get KneadData to tell me which version of TRF it’s running would be great!

Hi @ebeirns ,
We are currently using TRF v4.09 for Kneaddata.