Error in trimmomatic while running kneaddata

Hi all
I successfully installed kneaddata
but while running the command got this error
kneaddata –input1 /media/sf_Shared_folder/ovas/Final/81_R1.fastq --input2 /media/sf_Shared_folder/ovas/Final/81_R2.fastq --reference-db /home/qiime2/ref_dtabase/ --output kneaddata_81 --trimmomatic /home/qiime2/Trimmomatic-0.33
Reformatting file sequence identifiers …

Reformatting file sequence identifiers …

Reordering read identifiers …

Initial number of reads ( /home/qiime2/kneaddata_81/reordered_qhik9bbx_reformatted_identifierse3uxy95f_81_R1 ): 22625162.0
Initial number of reads ( /home/qiime2/kneaddata_81/reordered_enctz3x3_reformatted_identifiersd8ic66o3_81_R2 ): 22625162.0
Running Trimmomatic …
CRITICAL ERROR: Error executing: java -Xmx500m -jar /home/qiime2/Trimmomatic-0.33/trimmomatic-0.33.jar PE -threads 1 -phred33 /home/qiime2/kneaddata_81/reordered_qhik9bbx_reformatted_identifierse3uxy95f_81_R1 /home/qiime2/kneaddata_81/reordered_enctz3x3_reformatted_identifiersd8ic66o3_81_R2 /home/qiime2/kneaddata_81/81_R1_kneaddata.trimmed.1.fastq /home/qiime2/kneaddata_81/81_R1_kneaddata.trimmed.single.1.fastq /home/qiime2/kneaddata_81/81_R1_kneaddata.trimmed.2.fastq /home/qiime2/kneaddata_81/81_R1_kneaddata.trimmed.single.2.fastq MINLEN:60 ILLUMINACLIP:/home/qiime2/miniconda/envs/kneaddata/lib/python3.8/site-packages/kneaddata/adapters/NexteraPE-PE.fa:2:30:10:8:TRUE SLIDINGWINDOW:4:20 MINLEN:75

Error message returned from Trimmomatic :
<JAVA_HOME>/lib/ext exists, extensions mechanism no longer supported; Use -classpath instead.
.Error: Could not create the Java Virtual Machine.
Error: A fatal exception has occurred. Program will exit.
kindly suggest further

Hello @mallamuneer , Thank you for including the detailed error message. Have you tried updating to a newer version of trimmomatic (v.40 looks to be the latest)? I think the error might possibly be if the trimmomatic version (v.33) is not compatible with the version of java you have installed.

Thank you,

Hi again
No, the error is a real unique one.
I am stuck in it.
The same commands runs successfully in laptop and gives error in desktop. But I am bound to run it in desktop owing to memory related issues with my personal laptop.

Moreover I was not trying to other way by installing biobakery_workflows, as you are also helping me out there.
Please suggest am I guessing it right to go through biobakery_workflow??
Please suggest and guide

Hi again
Can you please guide regarding the above