Coverage Thresholds

I am running panphlan_profiling, but am getting no results on my samples. I need some help determining thresholds. I tried the defaults suggested --min_coverage 1 --left_max 1.70 --right_min 0.30, and other variations. Please help.

STEP 3: Strain presence/absence filter based on coverage plateau curve…
[I] Minimum median coverage threshold: 1.0
[I] Left maximum plateau threshold: 0.3
[I] Right minimum plateau threshold: 0.3
[I] Maximum zero non-plateau threshold (multistrain detection): 0.2
[I] Bacteroides_fragilis.tsv median coverage: 93.68; left-side cov: 2.38; right-side cov: 0.62; out-plateau cov: 0.36
Bacteroides_fragilis.tsv: no strain detected, sample does not pass LEFT-side coverage threshold.

Hi, to better understand the PanPhlAn thresholds, maybe this post could help you

Or this channel:

Let me know if they are not answering you problem

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