Chocophlan to UniRef90 map

You mention a chocophlan to uniref90 map in the 2018 Nature Methods paper, but I cannot find that map. It would really help to have access to that since I ran HUMAnN2 with chocophlan but I want to compare genes from uniref90 from the literature and do not want to re-run HUMAnN at this time. Thanks!

That map doesn’t exist as a separate file but is embedded in the ChocoPhlAn headers. If you look at the FASTA files corresponding to the different species pangenomes (i.e. the ChocoPhlAn database), each gene header was decorated by us with its UniRef90/50 annotations (if known) and the gene’s length. The rest of the header can be used to trace the gene back to a source genome.

That was super helpful! Thanks for the quick reply!