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What type of organ(tissue) it is?

Hello, I’m a newbie for using metaphlan and other bioinformatics methology.
I just want to know what type of ‘human organ(tissue)’ is it from fastq file. (There is 2 files and each are maybe other organs)

I got fastq file, and I used this code, (I don’t know how to change fastq file to txt file by other methods)

metaphlan quiz_1.fastq.gz --input_type fastq > quiz_1.txt

and got quiz_1.txt and quiz_1.fastq.gz.bowtie2out.txt (quiz_2.txt was also same)

quiz_1.fastq.gz.bowtie2out.txt (465.4 KB)
quiz_1.txt (219 Bytes)
quiz_2.fastq.gz.bowtie2out.txt (436.4 KB)
quiz_2.txt (219 Bytes)

but I got a problem since quiz_1.txt file is too short and I can’t got know information
through bowtie2out file, there were gene codes and I found that gene code is from viruses.
(I searched gene codes from ncbi)
ex) osteosarcoma virus, Human endogenous retrovirus K113, gag polyprotein [ Murine osteosarcoma virus ] etc.

Is my code wrong? or I have to use other tool than metaphlan?

plz help me…:joy::joy:
Thank you

+if you want to see, I will upload fastq.gz files! but it’s big file (about 4GB)