Variability in melonnpan result

Hello!! I have trained the melonnpan model using the input metabolomic and gene family files provided in the tutorial. However now when I am attempting to test the melonnpan predict workflow using the same gene family files used for training I am getting different relative abundances of predicted metabolites (it is supposed to predict similar(if not the same ) relative abundance values of metabolites that we used for training purposes)
what might be the reason for such variability in results?
I have attached the input metabolomic file and also the output obtained after melonnpan predict
metabouputpredict.csv (142.3 KB)
metabinputtraining.csv (148.1 KB)

Hi @paramartha_banerjee - the predicted values are supposed to be correlated with the measured values assuming that the corresponding metabolite is well-predicted but they are not supposed to be identical (unless the correlation between the measured and predicted value is 1 which is rarely the case). Likewise, this variation is expected as the prediction accuracy is not always perfect. Hope this makes sense.

Thanks for clarifying!! I have one more question
Is predicting metabolites using HUMAnN3 generated gene family data with the default trained model possible?

It might be possible with the caveat that the default model was trained with version 2 but in general, as long as you have sufficient matching UniRef90s across versions, you can use the default model.

Thanks a bunch,