not detecting transmission events

I am having issues detecting strain sharing events using For your reference I am using 4.0.6 version of MetaPhlAn and the following code, -t “${prefix}.tre” -m metadata -o “$dir” --save_dist. I am trying to detect transmission events for non-human samples and when looking at the phylogeny trees I would think there would be some however, I am not detecting any events. I have an example of a tree below. As you can see, it appears that some of the individuals in this tree share the same strain, however no sharing was detected using Do you know why transmission events are not being detected? Should I be using different parameters?

Also encountering the same issue, also on MetaphlAn v. 4.0.6.
In my case it is human stool samples.
The threshold selected in the output file appears to be very strict and corresponds to the lowest nGD between samples from the same individual:

Selected strain-transmission threshold: 0.0002890290502800887
Number of transmission events: 0

Hi @blair.merrick @mattea.allert , could you share the metadata table you are using? It might just be a problem of format of the table

Hi Aitor,

Metadata table attached for one of the strains below:
metadata.txt (502 Bytes)

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Hi @aitor.blancomiguez , I have attached my metadata table.

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metadata_strainphlan.txt (1.7 KB)

@mattea.allert Hi, have you solved your problem? I got the same issues.

Hi @blair.merrick
From the metadata you provided, no transmission event could be reported since the script only reports transmission events when two strains, from different subjects and within the same relationID are below the threshold

your problem is the same as @blair.merrick problem