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RAW Metabolome Data Files

Our team is looking into analyzing the raw data from the IBD metabolome on IHMP.

The files are binary files with the .raw extension. Is there a format available somewhere for these files?

Hi @movingpictures83 ,

Yes, please direct to the data tabs in the iHMP portal. (


Hi –
Let me be more specific, I don’t think my question came across right.

I had gone to the “data” tab on the IHMP portal and just visited it again - but I don’t see anything that describes the format of metabolome files.

I can search for and download metabolome files, but they are .raw.gz which do not open in the Browser. If I download and unzip them, they are binary data. So I really have no way of knowing what is stored where in the file when I try to parse it.

Is this information available someplace?

Thank you.