Questions about metaphlan --install

this is the first time I try to use metaphlan3 and have no experience of using older version. I install the metaphlan3 through conda.
The install code is as following:

conda create --name metaphlan -c bioconda python=3.7 metaphlan

and the install succeed, Then i try to download database, and the code is as following:

(metaphlan) wangzhenyu@wangzhenyudeMacBook-Pro ~ % metaphlan --install

Downloading MetaPhlAn database

Please note due to the size this might take a few minutes

File /Users/wangzhenyu/opt/miniconda3/envs/metaphlan/lib/python3.7/site-packages/metaphlan/metaphlan_databases/mpa_v30_CHOCOPhlAn_201901.tar already present!

File /Users/wangzhenyu/opt/miniconda3/envs/metaphlan/lib/python3.7/site-packages/metaphlan/metaphlan_databases/mpa_v30_CHOCOPhlAn_201901.md5 already present!

MD5 checksums do not correspond! If this happens again, you should remove the database files and rerun MetaPhlAn so they are re-downloaded

i have checked the forum and related question, but i still could not solve this problem.

Have you tried removing the tar and md5 files? What version are you running?