Numbers in the Halla graph

Can you please explain the exact meaning of the Halla numbers in the graph. What does the number itself mean, the font of the number, and the size of the box it is in.

Thank you

The number in each box is the rank of the hypothesis cluster ordered by decreasing association strength. The boxes show which pairs of features are included in each cluster. Bigger boxes just mean that more features are included. The font is always the same, so I’m unsure why you’re asking about that, but if you mean the size of the numbers that simply scales with the size of the box.

Thank you very much for your reply! Yes I meant the size of the numbers and not the font.

And I have another question please. What are the two input files - is it for example wild type vs knockout? What if you have only one group or more then two groups?

Thank you!

The inputs need to be a pair of high-dimensional datasets. You can find some examples in the examples/ directory in the package: