Normalization methods

Dear maaslin2 developer’s,

Thank you all for this great tool!

I have some questions about normalization method, i am not familiar with statistics so am sorry i it is silly questions.

I have 16s data and i want to use maaslin2 to check the significant taxa for different case diseases compared with controls samples.

As an input i provided the relative abundance data of 16s.

So here is my question relative abundance input is the same with TSS normalization?

And if it is there’s in no need to use normalization method TSS as default thath suggests the maaslin2?

Thank you all for yous support!!

Hi @iordanis_theocharis,

If you have already converted your data to relative abundances then yes you could run Maaslin2 with a normalization option of NONE. Although if you leave it on the default setting it shouldn’t impact your results as you will just end up renormalizing the data to the same values that you input (as the total sum of features in each sample will equal 1).

Jacob Nearing

Hi @nearinj ,

So I guess I can use the transformation option AST as well? Or ‘NONE’ in this option.

Thank you for your support.

Many thanks,
Jordan Theocharis