Metaphlan 4.1 release date


I just upgraded to metaphlan4 and am appreciating the improvements so far. Just wondering when the 4.1 release will be available so I can incorporate eukaryotes and viruses to my analysis.

If it’s going to be awhile is there any guidance or suggestions for combining the new bacteria database (metaphlan 4) with the previous eukaryote, virus, and archaea databases ( metaphlan 3). Would it be better to just run v4 and v3 separately to get the info I want?

Any information you can share would be much appreciated!


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Hi @alexvcrr
Thanks for getting in touch. Apart from the SGBs (defining bacterial and archaeal species), version 4 also includes the same eukaryotic species as version 3 (labelled as t__EUK*). However, we decided not to include the old viral database. We are currently working on a better and improved version for the viral profiling that will be hopefully integrated in the following months.

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