Maaslin2: Subject ID as random effects error

Hi all, I’m running maaslin2 for associations with my metadata in a longitudinal dataset. However, when using ‘Participant ID’ as a fixed effect, the code runs smoothly but returns null results (all NA on the console and the all_results output is empty).

At baseline, n=20 but due to attrition the final timepoint(6) n=10, so a colleague suggested an error with high number of repeated samples versus low number of sampled individuals.

Does anyone know how to account for this, or have a work-around?

Thanks in advance!

Hi @Nic_Simm,

Without more information on the number of samples at each time point and the exact call you’re making its hard to tell what might be happening here. Its possible depending on the number of samples and number of subjects that the models are having difficulty converging.