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Issue while calculating LDA effect size

Hi all,

I am new to using LEfSe.

I was following the tutorials and old forums to use LEfSE and to resolve the errors.

Though, I have got stuck at the second step and getting the following output while calculating LDA Effect size:
Number of significantly discriminative features: 0 ( 0 ) before internal wilcoxon
No features with significant differences between the two classes
Number of discriminative features with abs LDA score > 2.0 : 0

I looked into previous forums where similar issuse was discussed but couldn’t help myself with this.

Attached is the data file I am working with.
feature-table.biom.txt (16.3 KB)

Could anyone please help me in getting through this step? Your help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks

Kind Regards

Hi Ankush,
It simply means that after analyzing the input features, none of them were significantly different across levels of your group variable (in other words, no significant hits).