Input uniref90 IDs from humann3 not recognized by melonnpan

I used humann3 to get the uniref90 gene IDs and feed melonnpan with them. As melonnpan works with humann2, will you update melonnpan to use uniref90 IDs from humann3?

Hi @hshcao - we are not planning to update the default model as it would require re-training the model with HUMAnN3-profiled metagenomes. However, you can always train your own model and use the resulting weights for prediction which is arguably the best approach going forward.


I’m wondering, is Melonnpan compatible with Humann3 now?



Hi Xuan - at the moment the answer is no for MelonnPan but you may want to check out MIMOSA2 which has support for HUMAnN 3 if I am not incorrect. Thanks a bunch!

Wonderful! Thank you!