Error running MaAsLin2 about ID names

Dear all

I’ve been trying to run MaAsLin2 to correlate taxon contributions to certain metabolic pathways, using variables like BMI and gastrointestinal symptoms. However, I keep getting an error about duplicated sample IDs, even when using the random effects function. Any ideas on how to make it work for this analysis?

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I’m not sure if I understand your question correctly but all the samples in the input data frames (both the feature data and the metadata) should have unique sample IDs. If there are duplicates Maaslin2 will not know how to associate the data from the two different data frames and will throw an error.

Jacob Nearing

Hello, Jacob

Thank you very much for your response, and apologies for not being very clear with the problem.

I’ve been trying to analyze Picrust2 results with MaAslin2, but due to duplicated IDs in my data file, I couldn’t proceed with the analysis.

Do you know of any alternative that would allow me to analyze Picrust2 results? Specifically, to analyze taxon contribution data to pathways, taking into account relationships with variables such as health status, diet, and others.

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Hi there,

You should be able to do this using the picrust2 data table as the feature data table and then your health outcomes as your metadata table. You just need to make sure that the sample names between the feature data table (picrust2 results) match up with the metadata table you are also supplying. Hopefully that is helpful.