Error running CLI version of Maaslin2

Dear all.
I created a new environment in conda for maaslin2, installed R and all dependencies. When I am trrying to run maaslin2 as CLI via terminal; I am getting this error:

Error in if (.requires_argument(argument, object)) is_taken <- TRUE : 
  argument is of length zero
Calls: <Anonymous> -> parse_positional_args
Execution halted

Can not google any information about it, and also can’t find this kind of error here on the forum.

My command:
$mypath/Maaslin2.R -f=$fixed -r=$random -n=CLR -z=False -l -o -e=4 $outdir/features.tsv metadata.tsv $outdir

Issue solved.
Looks like I made an error in the command: I needed to delete

Also, short flags (-f, -r, -n, -e) are not working. Replacing them wíth long flags did the job.