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Enhydrobacter markers aligning to Moraxella only

I’m profiling a spiked community of bacteria containing Moraxella osloensis reads. The profiling results look perfectly fine, except for a match to Enhydrobacter aerosaccus. I tried looking into the problem a bit via read mapping to the full genomes and there seem to be no significant hits to Enhydrobacter in my data. Other profilers or binning methods also do not show any significant hits to Enhydrobacter.
However, when I extract the 133 Enhydrobacter aerosaccus marker sequences from the database provided in MetaPhlAn 3 | Zenodo , and blastn them against the NCBI nt database, it reports only matches to Moraxella osloensis. I tried the same for several other species and the BLAST hits correlate perfectly with the associated species as expected. Is there possibly a misassignment of the taxonomy or markers for Enhydrobacter aerosaccus?

Any chance someone saw something comparable before?

Hi Simon,
Sorry about this. I checked the source of the Enhydrobacter aerosaccus markers and now the genomes that were used to extract the markers are marked as “Anomalous assembly”, so it is possible that the markers are instead profiling Moraxella osloensis (as a matter of fact, Moraxella osloensis is listed as an external species for these markers).