CPLM Convergence Problem Recommends Unrelated Vignette

I set analysis_method = "CPLM".

INFO::Fitting model to feature number 1, Prevotella.pallens
Feature Prevotella.pallens : Model convergence problem; non-positive-definite Hessian matrix. See vignette('troubleshooting')

vignette('troubleshooting') leads to a page titled Troubleshooting Gargle Auth which is irrelevant to model fitting.

Hi Dario,

This problem is related to a convergence issue in the model that you are running. This can be due to a number of issues include insufficient data, highly sparse features/metadata, over parameterization, or potentially due to complete separability.

In general when running into this issue I would suggest looking at trying out a different model if the majority of taxa result in this issue. If it’s just a few then you can safely use the other models and depending on the result of the modeling with warnings you may be able to use those as well.

Jacob Nearing