Coefficient value greater than 1


I am having results from running Maaslin2 and one feature reports a coefficient of 1.26. Is this normal? It seems weird.

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Hi Giorgio - one quick way to verify this would be to look at the corresponding scatter/box plot and see if this effect size translates to the strong association your are seeing.

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Thank you for your answer. So you are telling that it is possible to have a value greater/smaller than +/- 1 and it is only a matter of verifying the strength. Should maximum strength max out at |1| ?

Hi @Giorgio_Casaburi - if you standardize (z-score) the metadata (which is only done for continuous variables when prompted), you will indeed get standardized beta coefficients ranging between -1 and 1. Otherwise, you can get coefficients greater than 1.

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Sir @himel.mallick , I also have faced the same thing as I run with everything default. Can you please tell me what is the minimum co-efficient I should consider to call the features as differentially abundant? Or, should I consider all the features in the significant_results.tsv file?