Can I use Masslin2 to analyse oral metabolome data?

Maaslin2 1.12.0

Dear officer,

Can I use Masslin2 to analyse oral metabolome data? The reason why I have this question is that oral metabolome is decided by the metabolism performance of oral microbiota. Here I get the oral metabolome from NMR (Nuclear magnetic resonance) analysis and the unit of each metabolism is mM. If I can run Masslin2 with the oral metabolome data, shall I consider the normal distribution problem like a t-test or ANOVA test? If so, how can I set relative parameters in Masslin2?

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Hi there,

We have used Maaslin2 on metabolomics data in the past but I don’t believe we have extensively benchmarked it on this type of data. However, due to the similar nature of metabolomics and metagenomics data we believe that in principal Maaslin2 should be applicable to this data type. My suggestion would to use the default settings of Maaslin2 for this type of analysis but feel free to explore others.

Jacob Nearing